International PenFriends


Do You Want to Write to Someone Overseas?

  • Make New Friends
  • Learn about another culture
  • Meet People in other countries
  • Practice a Foreign Language

    Sometimes that very special friend can be someone you have never met, living in a land you have never seen.

  • Over 7 Million Penfriends® of ALL Ages Over 7 Million Penfriends® of ALL Ages Over 7 Million Penfriends® of ALL Ages Over 7 Million Penfriends® of ALL Ages Over 7 Million Penfriends® of ALL Ages Over 7 Million Penfriends®q of ALL Ages


    STANDARD MEMBERSHIP- You will start by recieving a list of 10 PenFriends that you will write first. Membership lasts one year and during that time your name will appear on ten other member lists who will write to you first. Giving you as many as 20 PenFriends who will be in your own age group, capable of writing at least one language you have in common and have similar interests.

    The purpose of " International PenFriends ®" Program is to connect you with new friends in your age group from around the globe. International PenFriends® program opens the door for you! You can correspond with someone in a foreign language, improve your knowledge of another country, arrange exchange vacations, develop your hobbies, learn about another culture, or discover for yourself a certain area of the world, " International PenFriends ®" Program can make it happen!

    Maybe there is some place you have always wanted to visit...anywhere. Find out about the sights and adventures you should not miss when you finally get there ...from a friend.

    We have been recognized and recommended by schools, papers, radio, clubs, embassies, and cultural organizations all over the world. Our program is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

    Our members come from all walks of life: Artists, Bankers, Businessmen, Clerks, Clergy, Computer programmers, Dancers, Doctors, Engineers, Military, Social Workers, Scientists, Secretaries, Students, Teachers, Technicians, Writers, etc. Our services have been designed with great care and with special attention given for young people and senior citizens (over 50 years of age).

    True friendship is one of the greatest gifts you can give or receive. Our world is quickly becoming an ever-smaller place. It now takes only hours to get from one world gateway to another. We hope that you will join us and by your sincere and honest correspondence that you will encourage international harmony and find many new friends with our International PenFriends ® Program.

    How is it done?

    We have the largest worldwide network and state of the art facilities utilizing computers to match our members. The computer matches age groups, makes sure you have at least one language in common, are from the regions you choose and that you have common interests. We currently have the capacity to process over 7,000 members a day.

    IPF Processing Center

    Our Organization

    International PenFriends® is an organization based in the USA that has grown to over 7 million members in over 251 countries and territories around the globe.

    The term "International PenFriends®" and "PenFriends®" are Registered Trademarks.

    The term "International PenFriends®" was first used to promote pen pals and letter writing over 50 years ago in the United States at a world's fair.

    NOTE: We do not resell our members names and addresses to anyone. All information is kept confidential.

    If you are concerned about giving out your address we suggest getting a PO Box or using a mail center service. Members will not receive PenFriends® within their own country outside of the USA or within their own state within the USA. In all of our years of business there has never been a problem with unsafe behavior in connection with our program.

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